The Different Techniques to Recover Data

Today, almost everyone is dependent on the digital world. From finding the smallest information to storing highly sensitive data, we all rely on computers or hard disks. It is true that these devices are much more reliable than a human being in terms if excellent storage capacity and efficiency. But they too have their disadvantages. These are all machines or man-made devices that are bound to malfunction or get damageddue to accidents or from misuse. And when they do so, all the datainside them are also lost. This is where data recovery services come to the rescue. There are several hardware/software service centers that provide services to recover all the lost data from a storage device.

Data from devices can be lost either due to physical damages or logical damages.

Data Recovery

Data loss due to physical damage

Physical damageto storage media can be due to human error, natural disasters or deliberate destruction, like sabotage. There are several techniques that are deployed to recover data for a physically damaged device. Physical damages to storage media may include: the metallic surface from the CD ROMs scratched off, head crashes and failed motors in hard disks or quite simply, broken tapes. The data from many of these devices may be recovered by experts by replacing some components, or performing specialized hardware repairs.

Data loss due to logical damage

Very often, data loss from storage media due to logical damage does not have anything to do with physical damage of the device. These kinds of problems often demand software level solutions for their repair. The different logical damages include cases of:

  • Data being physically overwritten on to the storage media.
  • Corrupt partitions of the data tables or the file systems causing media errors.
  • Data erased due to accidental deletion or formatting of the storage media.
  • A logically bad sector that can make data unreadable in any format.

In all the above cases, a software expert is required to perform the process for data recovery.

Although the way in which you lost your data might fall into either of the two categories specified above, it is a true fact that not all data can be recovered. System users often have the basic knowledge to recover data from storage media. But when the damage becomes a little more complex, a hardware/software expert is required to recover the lost data.