How to Become a Computer Forensics Examiner


There are many computer gurus all over the world but there are no many computer forensics examiners, though the number seems to be increasing with every passing day, due to improved communication technologies.

A computer forensics examiner works like an investigator and takes a look at evidence that has been stored electronically or kept in digital media. These Medias include gadgets like the media players which are portable, flash disks, home or work computers and CDs. The computer forensics examiner extracts information from these Medias and the information received can be used in the ongoing investigations or can be used as reliable evidence in court. If one wants to become a computer forensics examiner, one has to go through the rigorous training in institutions that provide these courses. Depending on the institution, the course can take up to three years. The forensics examiner will have many areas that he can work. This is because their services are sought by the law enforcement teams, so that they can gather evidence for the suspect and also get more information if there is any that can be used in the case.


The forensics examiner can also get job at large corporations that use these methods to monitor their employees’ computer activities. This method ensures that those employees that cannot be trusted are gotten rid of before they cause damage. To become a good forensics examiner, one needs hands on training apart from the class lessons. This is because there are many things that are easier to learn on the job than in class. Also known as digital forensics detectives, the forensics examiner has to go through training on the job before being given big tasks to handle.


There is a growing demand for computer forensics examiners and therefore making this profession a good career choice currently. The more experience one has the better they become at the job, and therefore the more demand for their services. Because of the importance of the computer forensics examiner to the law enforcers, the career is currently paying well, and one who does this job as his profession can survive on the salary that they get comfortably. Therefore to become a computer forensics examiner one needs to get the required training and also get experience from working so as to add to the knowledge that they already have from class. The more experience you have the more reliable you will be when it comes to digital information and retrieving evidence that can either save a life or give the defendant the much needed justice. The computer forensics examiner is like a detective but who is in charge of revealing and translating evidence that may be difficult for the investigators to retrieve. There are many cases that go unsolved since the only evidence that can solve it is available electronically and there is no one who can retrieve the information. This is when the help of a forensics examiner is sought so as to help in solving and completing a case.