What Changes to Expect from Social Media in the Next Year

Social media networks are constantly improving their platforms to meet the needs of their customers better. As technology continues to grow, social media has remained at the center of it. In the last year, new features pointing towards brand opportunities and consumer preferences were developed. Here is a list of five changes that you can expect in the coming year.

  1. Customizable Chatbots

Looking at the history of chatbots, it went through a major spike in the last part of 2016 and the whole of 2017. Going forward, it is expected that more companies will use it. Usually, incoming messages to a brand’s social media page are responded by the social media manager. However, in an era where more customer is engaging a firm on social media, it is likely that it will receive hundreds of similar questions in a day. It would require more resources to hire social media managers that can manage the workload. Chatbots allow a firm to customize messages so that customers receive responses promptly and it (firm) maintains a reasonable budget for social media management.

  1. More Brands Using Social Listening Tools

The online space has become a multi-billion-dollar market over the years. Companies are tracking conversations of their customers, on social media platforms, to better understand their needs. Social listening tools have enabled firms to understand the phrases that are commonly being used so that they can create content that aligns to the conversations being made by those customers. Companies that have used the tools have realized positive results through improved customer care, development of more engaging content, and consistent creation of newer marketing campaigns. Considering the positive results, the use of social listening skills will increase even further in the coming year.

  1. Social Media Stories and Subsequent In-Platform Messaging

Snapchat was the first social media platform to develop stories, and it received a positive response. Instagram launched Instagram Stories to try and compete with Snapchat. In less than a year, Instagram Stories had attracted more than 250 million users daily, thereby surpassing Snapshot’s 173 million daily users.

Subsequently, it is estimated that 1 in every 5 five Instagram Stories will attract at least one direct message from a customer. In that case, firms will be adopting the stories to inform and attract old and new customers.

  1. Augmented-Reality and Face Filters

The increased demand for social media stories has created a need for more polished images that will not only attract the attention of customers but also increase conversion rates. Individuals, markers, and brands will use augmented-reality and face filters to edit their images so that they can provide their customers with composite views.

  1. Social Call-Out Culture

Over time, customers have realized that social call-out culture has increased companies’ responsibility. Usually, customers will turn to social media when they feel that a firm has wronged them with the aim of attracting the public’s attention and getting a chance to be heard. The culture will undoubtedly gain more popular going into the coming year.

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